Natural Healthy Vegetables.

Strict organic guidelines followed while raising our crops.

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Fresh From Our Farm:

We strive to provide our customers freshly harvested produce, unlike traditional grocery stores where produce sits for many days before being consumed.


100% Natural Organic & Heirloom Seeds

We source our seeds from organic and heirloom seed providers to ensure our customers consume top quality produce.

About Us

Spicebush Farm was established in May 2019. We are a 25-acre family farm using organic methods to produce our vegetables, greens and cut-flowers. So far, we have received very positive feedback about our produce inspiring us to put our time, focus and resources towards this area. This year has been mainly used to set up the initial groundwork necessary to establish our farm (such as fencing and irrigation) while also experimenting with growth cycles of various vegetables, greens, herbs and cut-flowers. Our long-term goal is working towards organic certification. However, you can be assured we are following strict guidelines to ensure